Maintaining a flexible body and staying fit can be boring sometimes, but it shouldn’t be. If you want to get that perfect body while having fun, check out our Zumba classes. Fittlounge is recognized as a brand new alternate fitness place where you can improve your fitness by joining Zumba dance classes. We are highly dedicated to build up a healthy and happy lifestyle for everyone and create literally an exciting social fitness platform where it’s all about having fun while developing the body you desire. Our dance-based fitness programme is a refreshing break from traditional fitness routines and it is open to all age group and fitness levels.

Zumba Classes

At Fittlounge, working out is a fun as we let you work out with your friends. As a reputed Zumba academy in the National Capital Region, we have curved a niche in the Zumba classes with the fresh workouts and a fun-filled routine that encourage you to come back for more. Our Zumba classes include Zumba, Zumba Kids, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step and more. All these feature exotic rhythms set to give high-energy on international beats. Before you know it, your energy levels will be soaring and you’ll be getting fit. Our class is effective, easy and completely exhilarating.

Why Fittlounge?

Fittlounge builds such an ambience where you can lose yourself in the international beats and find yourself in a shape at the unusual dance-fitness party. It’s a place where you can stay away from worries and stress and connect with your inner quality and talent. In this quiet environment, your body and mind will be energized and uplifted. Our daily dose of fresh zumba dance classes keeps every member of Fittlounge fit by losing weight and grooving into a charming personality and good shape.


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