Aerobics is your one stop solution to increase muscle strength, flexibility and cardio vascular fitness. Regularly doing aerobics can do wonders for your form, giving you a lean and agile body structure. Not only that, Aerobics is a sure-fire way to increase longevity and staying healthy for lifetime.

At Fitt Lounge, we have an electric atmosphere, infused with lively music, for our Aerobics classes in Delhi-NCR. Our expert trainers help you all the way, starting with warm-up sessions that last up to 10 minutes and then moving on to cardio vascular and strength training exercises. The exercises are designed to give a holistic experience of wellness, strengthening every part of your body. The sessions are concluded with cool-down exercises and stretching and flexibility training to draw out any lingering weariness and leave you refreshed and active after the session.

At Fitt Lounge Aerobics, we always match your workout intensity and complexity to your physique. So, it does not matter whether you are a first timer or just rejoining your Aerobics schedule, you will get a personalized experience, regardless.


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