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Fitt Lounge fitness studios are one of the leading fitness centers in India. Backed by Passerine Group, Fitt Lounge is an initiative for introducing fitness as a lifestyle.

Keeping in mind the health and safety of our members, we have invested in creating indoor and outdoor workout environments which are completely safe and feature all the modern tools and equipment required for a holistic workout session. Fitt Lounge professional trainers complement our facilities with their expert guidance and fitness advise.

We are aware of the changing trends in the fitness industry and continue to evolve with them by providing training and workouts like Zumba, Yoga, Kickboxing, Muscle endurance training, and Pilates.

Lastly, we are constantly encouraging people to take up some sort of physical activity, as it not only makes you healthier and happier but also has a positive psychological effect, contributing to their productivity.

We believe in transforming your dream into reality at Passerine Group

Sportsshala Academy in Gurgaon is spread over 4 acre of land with lush green football, cricket & 5 tennis court of national standard.


Fitt Lounge Fitness studio is having presence in Delhi-NCR, with standard machines and certified trainers.

Gym Equipment

Gymline is an end to end service provider for Gyms & Fitness Studios.


Passerine Trust is working for Child Education, Women Empowerment, Health Care. We also have child education & sports centres in gurgaon.


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Muscle & Fitness Through The History

Since the dawn of time man has aspired to physical perfection. Like artists, writers and pets that can play musical instruments, those in peak physical shape are lauded by society. From that dim-witted, strapping neanderthal who could punch a woolly mammoth in the face to the dim-witted, strapping neanderthal who can bench 200kg in your...
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How music give you a workout boost?

Have you at any point asked why all exercise centers play music to the gym? Things being what they are there is a decent group of research to propose that listing music while doing workout enhances execution and prosperity, helping you to push through inabilities to think straight and move past levels. Let’s see how...
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Zumba Classes

Maintaining a flexible body and staying fit can be boring sometimes, but it shouldn’t be. If you want to get that perfect body while having fun, check out our Zumba classes in Gurgaon. Fittlounge is recognized as a brand new alternate fitness place where you can improve your fitness by joining Zumba dance classes. We...
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