It is a myth that you spend 2 hours a day in Gym to have a rockin' Physique. You can build and maintain a rockin' Physique by training at a very high level of intensity 5 days a week for 25 minutes. The key phrase is Very High level of Intensity! Intensity comes from focus, minimal rest periods, stressing the muscles with the weight loads and repetitions that push you to failure.

If you always put limits on everything you do, Physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

Are you ready to be amazed?

Advanced Lifestyle Training Zone

Featuring the effective fitness trends, most progressive programs combined with advance training techniques and the best fitness equipment, our members enjoy developing their muscles and overall body in an all-new international-level lifestyle training zone. At Fitt Lounge, our objective is to offer 100% fitness to our members.


Certified trainers, expert knowledge & fully-equipped multi featured fitness machine makes us world of fitness.


A wide range of fully-equipped multi featured equipment to help you reach your fitness goals sooner than ever.


Highly skilled trainers across various fitness disciplines available to support members at every step of the way.

Get out of your
Comfort Zone

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Muscle & Fitness Through The History

Since the dawn of time man has aspired to physical perfection. Like artists, writers and pets that can play musical instruments, those in peak physical shape are lauded by society. From that dim-witted, strapping neanderthal who could punch a woolly mammoth in the face to the dim-witted, strapping neanderthal who can bench 200kg in your...
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How music give you a workout boost?

Have you at any point asked why all exercise centers play music to the gym? Things being what they are there is a decent group of research to propose that listing music while doing workout enhances execution and prosperity, helping you to push through inabilities to think straight and move past levels. Let’s see how...
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Zumba Classes

Maintaining a flexible body and staying fit can be boring sometimes, but it shouldn’t be. If you want to get that perfect body while having fun, check out our Zumba classes in Gurgaon. Fittlounge is recognized as a brand new alternate fitness place where you can improve your fitness by joining Zumba dance classes. We...
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  • I joined Fitt Lounge gym to stretch muscles and to stay fit. But I’ve lost weight, inches, and gained muscle mass. I’m stronger, fitter and doing classes that I probably couldn’t have done in my 20’s. The staff is capable, friendly and always willing to help.

    Gaurav Taneja
    Business Owner
  • I am totally addicted to Zumba classes. Zumba Classes at Fitt Lounge are Fun, heart pounding, adrenaline pumping pure Zumba classes, which leave you crazing more. It is amazing…the music, the dance routines and the pure fun side of it.

    Neha Gulati
    Marketing Manager
  • I have been doing Gym from last 11 Years and now it seem monotonous. I start losing fun in exercise which I used to feel earlier. So I switched to cross fit. Every day is like first day in school. New routine, new workouts. I feel like I have gained more stamina in 3 months at fitt Lounge cross fit then last 3 years in Gym.

    Prashant Saini
    Event Manager

*Disclaimer: Though these testimonials are experiences from our real FITTlOUNGE members but considered them as anecdotal, you the visitors may or may not experience the same results as them.


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